Our school is a place of exploration and wonder, of experiment and passion.

Join our elementary class as they build and make, create and code. Their adventures begin in English Language Arts, history, math and science, and continue in coding, and in engineering & design, and include play, PE and Spanish.

In middle school, students look deeper, code in Python, compete in robotics, science and math, and participate in student council. There are opportunities to take a class in game design, fly a drone, and accelerate their learning, as well as define an interest and explore it in depth.

In high school, students take as many of the 7 AP classes offered as interest them. They intern, they find a mentor, they prepare for college. They take a bio-engineering elective and learn the intricacies of PCR. Or they take a class in CAD and digital animation and use the 3D printers or CNC mill. Ultimately, STEM3 students take a giant step forward to a future career.

Our students are exceptional, not once, not twice, but thrice. They all have special needs, have an interest in STEM, but all have promise and passion too. At STEM​³ Academy we unlock that promise, and unleash that passion.

We look forward to seeing you soon.