Join The Help Group’s STEM3 Academy for a free informative presentation and discussion!

STEM in the 21st Century:

Changing outcomes for young people with social and learning differences

Come hear Dr. Ellis Crasnow, The Help Group’s Director of STEM³ Academy and STEM Education, speak on how students with social and learning differences can benefit from a STEM-enriched education.

Economists report that the U.S. is poised to experience a severe shortfall of skilled workers to fill some 8.65 million jobs in STEM-related fields. Students with social and learning differences who have a passion or aptitude for STEM can help fill that gap, but how do we help them prepare for that future?

Engage in a lively discussion on the strengths that students with autism spectrum disorder and social/learning differences may have which lend themselves to STEM pursuits. We will also identify which 21st Century jobs are heavily in demand that those on the spectrum may be suited for, as well as what skills, training and education will be most valuable in ensuring success.

About Dr. Ellis Crasnow

Ellis Crasnow, Ph.D., is a Los Angeles-based educator, innovator, and entrepreneur engaged in transforming lifelong opportunities for special needs students. A pioneer in developing new teaching models for empowering students across the autistic spectrum, Dr. Crasnow is a specialist on issues surrounding STEM, technology and special needs. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from USC, with a focus on the philosophy of science. He is the Director of STEM Education at The Help Group and Founding Director of STEM3 Academy. Dr. Crasnow is a frequent speaker at conferences, nationally and internationally, on the importance of STEM education, special education, emerging technologies and neurodiversity in the workplace.

About The Help Group’s Orange County STEM³ Program:

STEM³ is an initiative of The Help Group that provides STEM education and services for parents, educators, and special needs students and young adults. For more information, contact Dr. Ellis Crasnow at (949) 835-3988 or [email protected]. We are excited to announce that our STEM summer camp will be coming to Orange County. Learn more here.

No Fee

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Dinner & Presentation Included

OC STEM Initiative
UC Irvine Campus
Irvine, CA 92697