Introducing Breaking Barriers”: Celebrating Triumphs of the Neurodiverse Community 

In episode one of the new “Breaking Barriers” video series, Zach reflects on his time at The Help Group’s STEM³ Academy, and the special people who helped him along the way.  

We are thrilled to announce our heartwarming new video series, Breaking Barriers,” which will shine a light on the remarkable stories of young people of The Help Group, a non-profit organization that runs schools and programs for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder, learning differences, ADHD, developmental delays, and emotional challenges.  

The first episode of “Breaking Barriers” features a young man named Zach, who is a true testament to the power of determination. Having successfully graduated from The Help Group’s STEM3 Academy, Zach went on to attend the University of California, Davis, to receive his BS in Environmental Science & Management. Now, he is embarking on a new adventure – enrolling at USC’s Gould School of Law. 

Diagnosed with autism early in his life, Zach and his family ran into several roadblocks when it came to finding the right school for him. At The Help Group’s STEM3 Academy, Zach was able to thrive, along with his classmates, under the guidance of many teachers, including Ms. Megumi Guillame.  

Zach’s academic achievements and his commitment to personal growth, as seen in the first episode of “Breaking Barriers,” serve as an inspiration to his peers and other neurodiverse individuals. Now, as he gears up for law school, Zach stands as an example of what can be achieved when determination meets opportunity.   

The Help Group’s “Breaking Barriers” isn’t just a series; it’s a celebration of human potential and the incredible heights that can be reached when barriers are dismantled. Through this video series, we will introduce you to more individuals like Zach, each with their own unique stories of triumph over adversity.  

We’ll explore the challenges our students and program participants have faced, the support systems that have propelled them forward, and the valuable life lessons we can all learn from their experiences.   

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