Frequently Asked Questions

What are your class sizes?

A: Student to teacher ratio is approximately 10 to 12 students to 1 teacher. Maximum class size is 14 students.

Is STEM³ Academy a private or public school?

A: STEM³ Academy is a non-public school, accepting both private and publicly funded students.

Do you accept students outside of the Los Angeles area?

A: The Help Group contracts with over 50 school districts in the LA area. We do accept students outside of the county and state. In fact, we offer a residential option for students who do not live in the area. In partnership with The Help Group’s Project Six, STEM³ Academy offers high school students a therapeutic residential program. Project Six is located in the San Fernando Valley within Los Angeles County. To learn more about Project Six, click here.

What do you look for in a student candidate?

A: We accept students in grades K–12 with social and/or learning differences, including autism. Students should have achieved a B or better in STEM related classes or have significantly demonstrated skills in a STEM related area. We are looking for students who can benefit from an experiential, hands-on, problem-solving approach to learning.

Is STEM³ Academy a college preparatory school?

A: Yes! We are a college preparatory school, and our students are on a diploma track.

What is your homework policy?

A: The maximum amount of time for students per night is as follows:

  • Elementary school students – 45 minutes
  • Middle school students – 1 hour
  • High school students – 1.5 hours

What are the school hours?

A:  Valley Glen Campus: 8:30 – 2:45 p.m.

Do you offer transportation?

A: Yes. If your child has school district funding, then transportation is covered. If paying privately for school, transportation can be provided as an additional cost.

Do you offer services and supports like counseling, speech and language?

A: Yes, we offer these services all in-house.

Do you offer after school enrichment classes?

A: Yes, we do. Please click here to learn more about afterschool program.

Is physical education part of the school day’s schedule?

A: Yes. Physical education is offered in every grade K–8. Two years of PE is required in high school for graduation.

Do you teach 21st century skills?

A: Yes! That is a big part of our school’s curriculum and approach. We work on critical thinking, organizational skills, time management, study skills and behavioral expectations.

What opportunities are there for individual projects, interests, expression?

A: This is a cornerstone of our program. The curriculum is rich with opportunities for independent projects and individual expressions of interest.

What electives do you offer?

A: We offer a number of electives in high school. Click here to check out some of our offerings.

What is the admissions process?

A: To begin the application process, please fill out an online application and contact:

Patricia Johnson
[email protected]
(877) 943-5747

Parents and guardians are always welcome to take a school tour.

What are some of the colleges that students are accepted at?

Students who graduated from STEM³ Academy have been accepted to many colleges and universities. Click here for a list.