STEM^3 West Mission

STEM3 West is founded on the following beliefs:

• Students with diverse needs are every bit as capable as their typical peers; they are able to flourish and produce real results, sometimes more so than their typical peers.

• All students have exceptional talents, some nascent, and our task is to develop those gifts into excellences while supporting their unique needs.

• A sense of awe and wonderment of the world is natural to all children, and we aim to support our students in their explorations.

• A STEM-based education provides the strongest foundation for students of all interests because of the pervasive influence of technology in every discipline.

• The many opportunities for collaboration in laboratory-based projects provide exceptional and informal ways to build social and collaboration skills.

• STEM-based careers play to the strengths of our students in ways that were previously impossible; our role is to encourage and develop those strengths.

• Considerable evidence indicates that students benefit by starting at a young age to develop STEM skills such as computer programming, building, making, and engineering solutions to real-world problems.