STEM^3 West Middle and High School Learning

Our STEM curriculum educates students in four specific areas — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied way. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. Our unique curriculum is project-based, experiential, and has been designed specifically for special learners, assisting them in ways they learn best.

Middle School 
The STEMWest middle school curriculum holds the key to student success in the high school. Our curriculum is designed to provide an accelerated middle school program that develops students’ natural abilities.


High School 
Teaching emphasizes project-based learning and real world applications of projects rather than passive instruction or rote learning. As far as is practical, material is presented in an interdisciplinary manner, and cross subject collaboration is a hallmark of the program.


Required classes for High School
English (4)
Science (2)
Math (3)
Social Sciences (3)
PE (2)
Art (1)
Foreign Language (2)


Robotics, Programming, AP Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, AP Statistics, Calculus, AP Economics, Physiology, Engineering and Design

Life Skills

At STEM3 West, students are exposed to essential critical thinking and problem solving skills that can be used throughout their lives.  Research shows that intelligence is just one factor for success in school or career. Equally important are life skills essential in the 21st Century: social interaction, creativity, problem-solving, mindset, attitude and collaboration.  These skills are inherent in many of our hands-on, project-based activities. Our students learn as they collaborate on projects that interest them, sharing ideas and materials, assisting each other on projects, assignments and builds, and resolving conflicts and disagreements amicably. Our curriculum engages students directly, challenges them to participate, interact and overcome personal differences.

STEM3 West’s ultimate goal is to improve career and life options for students with social or learning differences.

Out of the Box Students

Thrice exceptional describes students who are bright, may have social and learning differences, and have a passion and gift for STEM-related fields. STEM3 West’s thrice exceptional students are curious, engaged and eager to put their natural skills and abilities to practical use. Our students don’t learn in traditional ways. They love STEM subjects, and learn from a hands-on, experiential approach. As part of their high school education we introduce them to real life experiences in order to prepare them for both post-secondary education and the workforce.


Out of the Box Learning

PERSONALIZED LEARNING Through a collaborative process, we ensure success by focusing on the development of the whole student by using the student’s strengths as a base and creating strategies to work around the challenging areas.

INNOVATION LAB for all students.   The Innovation Lab focuses on the basic skills of building and making. As students progress to the middle grades, projects become increasingly more complex until the high school level, where students work with sophisticated technology including 3-D printers, design software, power tools, and other resources for making and building.

STEM3 West’s robotics program emphasizes the meaningful application of STEM knowledge and focuses on cooperative learning. STEM3 Academy students in Valley Glen won the FIRST Robotics Rookie All-Star Award, and competed in the World Championship.

SCIENCE CHALLENGES AND OTHER COMPETITIVE EVENTS Students participate in regional and national competitions such as the Odyssey of the Mind, Verizon Innovative App Challenge, FIRST Robotics Competition, JPL Annual Invention Challenge, and National Science Bowl.




We graduate courageous, committed and ethical young men and women who take responsibility for their own well being and future success