STEM^3 West

The Help Group West
12095 West Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles 90066

The Help Group is pleased to announce the opening of STEM3 West, an extension of the immensely successful STEM3 Academy in Valley Glen.  We are currently accepting students with diverse needs for elementary, middle and high school programs at our Culver City campus.

Out of the box learning.  Out of the box students.  Out of the box results.

STEM3 West is a model school designed to ignite a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in high-functioning students with special needs, including those diagnosed with autism, ADHD and other social and learning differences. The only school of its kind in the nation, STEM3 (STEM Cubed) is dedicated to educating students who are bright, have a passion for STEM-related fields, but may struggle with traditional learning methods.

STEM3 is designed to expand life options for our students, ultimately connecting them to satisfying careers in engineering, technology, cyber-security, biomedical, science, programing, IT and other STEM-related fields. We foster critical thinking and intellectual curiosity by providing classes that emphasize depth as well as breadth of understanding across disciplines.

The STEM3 curriculum infuses social and cognitive life skills (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity) into a project-based STEM program. By removing the constraints of traditional approaches to teaching, we offer students with special needs the opportunity to learn in ways they love best, and they flourish. Classes are hands-on, with most centering around an open Innovation Lab where ideas are formed into real life projects.

Helping Students Find and Retain Meaningful Careers in Technology and Science

 Statistically, 85% of young adults diagnosed on the autism spectrum are unemployed or underemployed. And yet students on the high functioning end of the spectrum often have superior visual discrimination and pattern recognition skills, as well as the ability to deeply focus and to engage in a repetitious activity for extended periods of time. At STEM3 West, our goal is develop those natural abilities and prepare them for successful progression to adult life.

STEM3 Academy and STEM3 West are the only specialized schools for students with diverse needs offering an advanced STEM curriculum.  

We aim at academic excellence in an environment that supports real-world inquiry. Our method produces critical thinkers and creative doers, ready to take on the challenges of school and life.

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