STEM^3 Academy At A Glance

The first school of its kind, STEM3 Academy provides a robust Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based curriculum to students with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and other social and learning differences. We are dedicated to K-12 students who are bright, have a passion for STEM-related fields, and may benefit from non-traditional learning methods.

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Robotics Team

We seek to vastly improve outcomes for STEM3 Academy students by addressing the following areas:

1. Content – Developmentally appropriate, specialized curriculum that features interdisciplinary connections across fields as well as deep exploration of concepts and themes;

2. Method – Student-centered, project-based learning infused with real-world applications promoting critical thinking, creativity and collaboration;

3. Pathway to Careers – Exposure to professional internships, mentorships, university collaborations, professional laboratories and partnerships with the community provide models for careers in STEM;

4. 21st Century Skills – Content alone is not sufficient. Our students learn to develop essential life skills and to consider that the way they approach the world, their own engagement and social interactions, will play a key role in their own success.


Small Classes - 10-14 students, led by teachers who are passionate about their field of expertise

STEM3 Academy accepts both private and publicly funded students.

The Help Group contracts with over 50 school districts in the LA area.

We accept students from all socio-economic backgrounds.


 Learning is experiential and assignments are geared to hands-on real-world problem solving in both academic and elective areas, which is characteristic of the school’s educational approach

 The school fosters partnerships with parents, the community, universities and enterprise to create an environment that serves our students well and embodies the best interests of all stakeholders

 The school applies best practices in the education, guidance and development of its classes and the training of its teachers

 Personalized Learning—Through the IEP process, each student has a set of goals designed especially for them and their unique learning style. Our program focuses on the development of the whole student by using the student’s strengths as a base and creating strategies to augment the challenging areas to ensure success

 Robotics—Award winning robotics team exemplifies the commitment to hands-on experiential learning and solving real world problems typical of the school

 Innovation Lab—State of the art facilities for prototyping and hands-on building projects lie at the physical and intellectual hub of our school. Innovation Lab resources are integrated into each level and each discipline of STEM³ Academy. By graduation, students will have had 13 years steeped in rigorous, collaborative learning and practical experience solving real-world problems.

 Science challenges and other events offer students opportunities to compete with their peers

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