Middle School (Grades 6-8)


STEM³ Academy middle school is for bright, curious, technology-driven students with social and learning differences, including autism, and ADHD. STEM³ Academy middle school provides students from 6th grade through 8th grade a rich STEM environment in which they can flourish academically, socially and emotionally. The teachers establish strong relationships with students, challenging them not only to succeed, but to thrive. Students reach their fullest potential, prepared to meet the demands of high school, college and career.


The mission of STEMAcademy middle school is to celebrate the potential of our students to accomplish great things, to preserve that spirit of wonderment and joy typical of their age and to encourage their exploration of the world around them. We harness their curiosity about the way the world works through accelerated STEM academics and 21st Century skills to increase their success in high school.

Hallmarks of the Middle School Program

• accelerated academics --algebra, Spanish, physics, chemistry, and biology

• 21st Century skill development

• an experiential approach to learning which favors hands-on projects and activities

• robotics builds and competitions

• computer science, including programming in Scratch, Processing, and Java

• digital arts, including photography, videography and image manipulation

• engineering design and prototyping, 3D printing

• digital portfolios and personal expressions

• graduating projects

• interactions with STEM professionals through mentoring program

Our Approach

We value the nurturing of individual expression and creativity, and the culture of the school is to build a sense of curiosity and exploration, a thirst for learning. Projects and assignments require students to apply what they know and encourage them to use their skills in innovative ways. A strong curriculum combined with hands-on learning produces critical thinkers and creative doers, ready to take on the challenges of school and life.










Our Students

Students who would thrive fall into a number of different categories: there are those who are academically strong; there are those who have a defined interest and passion for some STEM-based activity or area of interest; there are those who would benefit from the kind of experiential, hands-on approach that is our learning model; and there are those who have an enquiring and inquisitive mind.


The STEMAcademy middle school curriculum holds the key to student success in the high school. By introducing Algebra 1, a foreign language, computer programming, robotics, physics, chemistry, and biology in middle school, we ensure students have explored and applied the concepts by the time they enroll in advanced courses in high school. Our curriculum is designed to provide an accelerated middle school program that develops students’ natural abilities.



Computer Programming


Engineering Design

Physical, Biological and Earth Science


Accelerated Math to Algebra 1 and beyond, depending on ability



Physical Education

English Language Arts

Social Sciences

How to Apply

Please fill out the online form to let us know of your initial interest in STEM3 Academy middle school, and/or call the school (818) 623-6386 to arrange a tour and interview. Contact Dr. Ellis Crasnow at ecrasnow@stem3academy.org to answer any additional questions you may have.

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