Lower School (Grades K-5)


Young children are natural scientists, engineers and problem-solvers as they explore the world by touching, tasting, building, dismantling and discovering. STEM³ Academy elementary school years are a time for exploration and engagement, cultivating a love of learning and satisfying the child’s boundless curiosity and need to find out how things work. Our dedicated instructors are working every day to create exciting new ways to integrate innovation and building into our curriculum. In the lower grades, the Innovation Lab focuses on basic skills of building and making. As students progress to the middle grades, projects become increasingly more complex until the high school level, where students work with sophisticated technology including a CNC machine, 3-D printers, CAD, Autodesk, power tools, and other resources for making and building.

kids playing with legos
girl looking through magnifying glass
kids doing circuitry
kids learning on tablet

The mission of STEMAcademy elementary school is to nourish the potential of our students to accomplish great things, to cultivate a love of learning and to encourage exploration of the world around them. Through play and fun-based activities, students develop relationships with others and prepare the foundation for the greater responsibilities that await them in middle school.


How to Apply

Please fill out the online form to let us know of your initial interest in STEM3 Academy elementary school, and/or call the school (818) 623-6386 to arrange a tour and interview. Contact Dr. Ellis Crasnow at ecrasnow@stem3academy.org to answer any additional questions you may have.