High School (Grades 9-12)


STEM³ Academy high school is for bright, curious, technology-driven students with social and learning differences, including autism, and ADHD. The school develops each student’s natural skills in a supportive environment with the goal of helping them achieve their highest potential, and flourish academically, socially and emotionally. STEM³ Academy is rooted in an asset-based model, which matches the key skills and abilities of the students with the demands of the contemporary marketplace.

• We provide a rigorous, integrated college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes the interconnections between science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the humanities

• We foster critical thinking and intellectual curiosity by providing courses and classes that emphasize depth as well as breadth of understanding

• Partnerships with local enterprises provide students with first hand knowledge of varied STEM careers

• We develop the particular skills and interests of each student

• We create and sustain a collaborative teaching and learning environment that explores and refines the ways students with autism learn best

• We encourage our students to develop meaningful relationships with peers and faculty rooted in honesty, respect and responsibility

• All juniors and seniors intern in an area of interest to further develop their career interests and build their resumes

• Students develop a digital portfolio of their work during high school, which might include engineering projects, coding projects, robotics competitions, PowerPoints, music clips, video, and other artifacts that demonstrate their abilities

• All seniors prepare a culminating trans-disciplinary honors project upon graduation, which requires them to apply their knowledge in some area of interest in a practical or experiential way. Students present their projects at the school’s annual Spring Innovation Fair. The purpose and outcome of the project will have social relevance

• Cross-subject collaboration is a hallmark of the program


Required classes

English (4)
Science (2)
Math (3)
Social Sciences (3)
PE (2)
Art (1)
Foreign Language (2)



AP Computer Science
AP Statistics
AP Calculus
Calculus AB and BC
AP Economics
Engineering Design


College and Career Counseling

STEM3 Academy’s College and Career Counseling Program helps high school students make informed educational and career choices. Among other things, counselors offer information on course offerings, career options, the type of academic and occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace, and postsecondary opportunities that are associated with their field of interest.


Counselors periodically interview students to track their changing interests to provide guidance and suggestions for prerequisites, skill development, training and colleges. Annual assessments will seek to align students’ interests and skills with possible future vocations. This portfolio of interests and aptitudes help counselors research careers with the student and make recommendations for post high school plans such as internships, colleges, certifications or training programs.


Our mentorship and internship program partners with local enterprise, exposing students to various STEM professions and providing first hand knowledge of the possibilities of a career in STEM.  For example, student's field trips include spending a day at Raytheon Corporation and another full day at Northrop Grumman Corporation for their respective engineering days. We also work to bring professionals from STEM jobs in to interact with the students on a regular basis. Other activities associated with career guidance and counseling programs typically include:

• Advising students and parents on high school programs and academic curriculum, preparing them for college application and admission.

• Planning and preparation for college admissions tests, SAT and ACT.

• Informing students about postsecondary financing that can be used to support advanced education and training.

• Developing career portfolios, which include test and grades results, examples of student work, and resumes and cover letters to prospective employers.

• Arranging internships to allow students to directly experience workplace situations.

• Providing specialized counseling and intervention services to provide students with individualized attention.


girls working on robot

How to Apply

Please fill out the online form to let us know of your initial interest in STEM3 Academy high school, and/or call the school (818) 623-6386 to arrange a tour and interview. Contact Dr. Ellis Crasnow at ecrasnow@stem3academy.org to answer any additional questions