Our Story

Our students represent the next generation of innovators, problem solvers and creative professionals.  STEM³ Academy Curriculum is designed to foster collaboration, social and critical thinking skills and creativity among special learners. Students spend their days exploring and testing solutions to real-world problems through exciting, hands-on projects. They learn that key life skills, such as developing friendships, defending a position, and working with colleagues are just as important to success as knowledge and facts.

STEM³ Academy grew out of a pilot project launched by The Help Group in 2013 in two if its existing schools to help visual, technology-driven learners explore their interests. The project infused 21st Century Learning Skills (collaboration, interaction, sharing, attitude, mindset, respect for others) and Project-Based Learning into a STEM curriculum. A small Innovation Lab with computers and 3-D printer was built with help from the W.M. Keck Foundation, along with tools and resources for a Makers Space. Students enthusiastically used their natural abilities to learn coding, 3D modeling and builder and maker skills.

Parents referred to the program as ‘life-changing,” as their students for the first time excelled in a school-based project. For example, the fledgling Robotics team won the FIRST Robotics Competition Rookie All-Star Award in the regional contest, and competed in the FIRST Robotics World Championship! Based on the success of the pilot program and the enthusiasm of the students, The Help Group opened STEM³ Academy high school and middle school in the 2015-16 academic year, and elementary school in Fall 2016.

The idea of a specialized school for students with special gifts in the STEM disciplines is the next great step in building independent lives for children with social and learning differences.

The time has come for STEM³ Academy.

stem3 innovation lab