Mission, Philosophy and Learning Opportunities

STEM3 Academy is based on the following beliefs:

Students with diverse needs are not less capable, not less able to flourish and produce real results; they are every bit as capable, often more so, than their typical peers.

Our students have exceptional talents, some nascent, and our task is to develop those gifts into excellences while supporting their unique needs.

A sense of awe and wonderment at the world around us is natural to all children and we are dedicated to support them in their explorations.

A STEM-based education provides the strongest foundation for students of all interests because of the pervasive influence of technology in the world and the countless opportunities for interaction.

Opportunities in STEM fields play to the strengths of our students in ways that were previously impossible. Our role is to encourage and develop those strengths.

Considerable evidence indicates that students benefit by starting to develop STEM skills such as computer programming, building, making, and engineering solutions to real-world problem at a young age.

The school’s mission is to connect the particular strengths of students with an innovative and rigorous STEM curriculum that prepares for future success

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